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About Us

Trapezio, which was previously known as the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting, was founded by Dr. Doug Depew D.M.D M.S.  Like other doctors, he found that hiring people and training them from scratch was extremely time-consuming, frustrating and usually not as effective and thorough as he would have wished.

After a year and a half of developing the curriculum, study materials, audiovisuals and tests, the school was formally opened, and the first class was conducted in the summer of 1998 in a classroom-based environment.  Word quickly spread about the new resource open to doctors to now be able to formally train their team and Trapezio quickly grew.  Our program was launched online in 2003 which allows people to take the courses from the ease of their offices and homes.  Since 2003, we have had over 7,500 graduates complete the various courses.  In 2006, we were thrilled to receive the endorsement from the American Association of Orthodontist for team training.

In 2009, Trapezio was rebranded to reflect a wider scope of education options for the entire orthodontic team.  Many non-clinical courses were released during this same time to help facilitate education to include all the different roles in the office, not just clinically. Trapezio is always striving to improve and update our curriculum as the times evolve. Trapezio is excited to continue to be the premier team training program available to the orthodontic industry now and in the years to come.

Dr. Doug Depew D.M.D M.S.
Dr. Doug Depew D.M.D M.S. - Founder, Trapezio