Why Trapezio?

7 Reasons You Should Choose Trapezio

Trapezio Online LearningIt’s Cutting Edge!  No system like Trapezio’s is available in the orthodontic industry today.  The ability to access industry leading content in an incredibly affordable way creates an entirely new world of training opportunities for this industry.

It’s for You!  Our entire system has been designed from the ground-up to fit the specific needs of our clientele.  We have spent over a decade perfecting what we do and while we acknowledge that there is constantly room for improvement, your needs have shaped what we have built.

It’s Really Cool!  This one’s easy – where else can you watch a webinar by an industry leading expert, take relevant online courses, create your own system-specific training, upload videos and share them with a community of your peers, watch videos by other professionals, store vital practice training documents, and so much more.

Go Green!  Trapezio training does not require travel or even printed materials.  Everything you need to access courses and excel in your profession is available 100% online, from the comfort of your home or office (or even the local Starbucks!).

It’s the Future!
  Online training is the future of education.  Universities, colleges, and vocational programs around the world have entered the field of distance education and enrollment numbers have grown each year for more than a decade.

We’re Passionate!
  If you’ve ever met or talked to a Trapezio employee, hopefully you knew right away that every one of us loves what we do.  We are dedicated to improving and enriching the educational experiences of our students while increasing efficiency and establishing new opportunities for success for our clients.

It’s Easy!  The lessons and tests are easy to navigate and provide a comprehensive education for users.  It also provides a cost effective continuing education format for new assistants, veteran assistants, non-clinical staff members, and others in the orthodontic industry. The user-friendly system requires minimal training and is perfect for individuals with even limited computer experience.