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Orthodontic Assisting Level 2

Orthodontic Assisting Level 2

The Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 2 combines the knowledge of more than 50 years of clinical expertise. Designed for the more experienced or senior clinical assistants, the Level 2 program brings an advanced curriculum to the orthodontic profession and focuses on more modern day specifics.

The Level 2 program combines the knowledge of Dr. Doug Depew, Trapezio Founder and Level 1 author, with compilations and techniques from leading orthodontic consultants Lori Garland Parker and Andrea Cook.

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Course Reviews

Jennifer, Office Manager

“Our clinical team feels more empowered about their own training. There are defined lessons and trainees are responsible for progressing themselves through the lessons, the burden does not lie solely with the doctor, clinical coordinator or another assistant. They have been excited to learn how to communicate in a professional manner chairside with both the doctor, patient and parents. The Level 2 program has proven to be even more challenging to the trainees and we feel can be instrumental in assessing what the future productivity of your assistants will be.”



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