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QuickBooks® Ortho

QuickBooks® Ortho

The Academy of QuickBooks® Ortho is an online training course for anyone in the practice that is responsible for accounting and bookkeeping. This course provides an introduction along with structured lessons to get your financial procedures in order. It also helps to provide an understanding of how to utilize the most popular accounting software in your practice.

If you are currently using or plan to use QuickBooks® in your practice, this step-by-step program will help guide you into proper setup and management of your accounting processes as recommended by a QuickBooks® Pro Advisor and experienced Practice Administrator. The course provides great information on not just how to use QuickBooks®, but how to best use it in an orthodontic practice.

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Course Reviews

Peggy, Financial Secretary

“It was a great course. I use QuickBooks in another business also, but the information was absolutely priceless. So concise and easy to understand… I really enjoyed the course!”



Release Date: May 1, 2010 | Review Date: January 10, 2019 | Expiration Date: January 10, 2022