AAO Facilitators

All classes will have a lead instructor and/or speaker.  This person will be responsible for delivering the majority of the content to participating staff.  Orthodontists, Residents, or senior assistants (all referred to as facilitators) will be:

  • Assisting participants with individual questions
  • Clarifying information
  • Checking work
  • Providing positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Offer helpful hints and advice

Facilitators are asked to arrive at the classroom 15  minutes before the session is to start.  We will do our best to have everyone out of the class no later than the time indicated in the schedule. 

In order to achieve a consistent and professional look, we ask that all facilitators dress in a similar manner.  We are asking that khaki pants and a nice blue shirt be worn.  This can include, but is not limited to, a polo or button up shirt.  Any shade of blue is fine, but please no t-shirts. 

If, after you have signed up as a facilitator, you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please notify Trapezio AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we may find a replacement. 

All facilitators will be compensated $30/hour taught in addition to CE credits and a  ribbon for their name badge distinguishing them as a Facilitator.  We would also like to list all facilitators and their email addresses on our website for additional recognition.  If you would prefer not to be listed, please inform Trapezio when you sign up.