WildSmiles Braces: a new standard in early treatment bracket options!WildSmiles Braces

WildSmiles Braces, offered by Alignco Orthodontics, is the exclusive manufacturer of designer shaped orthodontic brackets.  Since its inception, WildSmiles Braces have become a necessity for the Full-Service Orthodontic Practice™.  With customers worldwide and nearly a decade of experience, WildSmiles Braces have proven quality and function while offering doctors the opportunity to greatly increase treatment acceptance through increased word-of-mouth referrals and wide marketing appeal.

WildSmiles Braces are made in the USA with our patented designer shaped bonding bases that are easy to bond and debond with standard tools. Our Metal Injection Molded (MIM) low profile brackets blend with your bracket system to help deliver the doctors desired ideal treatment results.  Fabricated for the maxillary anterior teeth only, WildSmiles enhance the esthetic bracket selection offered in the orthodontic practice.

As a new standard in early treatment bracket options, WildSmiles Braces offer six designer shapes: Heart, Star, Flower, Football, Soccer Ball, and Super-Diamond™ that can be mixed and matched with any bracket system. Along with colored alastics and ceramic brackets, WildSmiles Braces are also providing esthetic options for practices using self-ligating brackets.

Our philosophy and mission is to help doctors and assistants encourage fun and choice in the orthodontic practice by providing a quality product that patients want.  WildSmiles set of uniquely designed brackets allow doctors and their team of highly trained assistants to connect with the patient on the first visit, ultimately helping to provide extraordinary care.

Patients today expect the opportunity to customize everything in their life from special order Nike shoes to songs downloaded on their iPod.  They expect nothing less from their orthodontic experience; in the mind and perception of the patient choice and customization equals quality and excellence.

WildSmiles Braces Boast: Easy Placement, Predictable Debonding, Low Profile, .018 and .022 slot, Roth and MBT Prescriptions, Use any Adhesive, Made of Stainless Steel Construction, and Made in America

(U.S. Design Patents D447,804, D444,238, D412,988, D412,579, D412,363, for Pads for Orthodontic Brackets. U.S. P-A 29/318,800 for Pad for Orthodontic Bracket)

WildSmiles team members are frequent guest lecturers at orthodontic resident programs, study clubs, and orthodontic user meetings.

For additional information or to try WildSmiles Braces in your practice please feel free to visit the WildSmiles web site at www.wildsmiles4you.com, call direct 402-677-3311, or email pshadbolt@wildsmiles4you.com

Posted on February 11, 2010