Bentson, Clark & Coppel

Bentson Clark & Copple, LLC provides a variety of services to both orthodontists and orthodontic residents throughout the United States. Having worked with hundreds of orthodontic practices, Bentson Clark & Copple has established itself as the premier transition company in the orthodontic field. The company performs practice valuations, provides partner location services, and helps negotiate transactions with both buyers and sellers. 

Bentson Clark & Copple’s business philosophy is that any orthodontic change of ownership is based upon trust between all parties involved.  The transition of an orthodontic practice can be a complicated business transaction, but when properly structured both parties can benefit. A comprehensive financial and operational valuation review serves as the initial foundation presenting a comprehensive view of a practice to a potential candidate. A company representative visits each orthodontic practice and Bentson Clark & Copple structures each transaction, explaining the cash flow pro-forma and tax affect of the transaction to all parties.  Bentson Clark & Copple has an affiliation with the law office of Dan Sroka, Esq., who provides definitive documents to complete any orthodontic ownership transfer.

Bentson Clark & Copple publishes the Bentson Clark reSource, a quarterly newsletter written specifically for orthodontists, focused on the business aspects of running a successful orthodontic practice. Each issue of the reSource includes articles from practice consultants and businesses within the industry, current orthodontic business trends, real revenue and expense data, current orthodontic market dynamics, and general perspectives regarding practice transitions. Bentson Clark & Copple exclusively provides services to orthodontists, and the reSource is an extension of the company’s commitment to provide valuable business information to orthodontists throughout the nation.

The staff of Bentson Clark & Copple are frequent guest lecturers at orthodontic resident programs, study clubs, and orthodontic user meetings. Most recently, Bentson Clark & Copple presented at the 2009 AAO Transition Seminar. The company is also actively involved with the American Association of Orthodontists Committee on Orthodontic Practice (COOP) providing content to their resident education program.

For additional information, please visit Bentson Clark & Copple’s website,, or call 1-800-621-4664. 

Posted on March 22, 2010