Brace Yourself for National Orthodontic Health Month with the

Smiles Change Lives National Candy Exchange!

Nationwide: October is National Orthodontic Health Month (NOHM) and Smiles Change Lives (SCL) has a sweet event to help your practice

  • promote children’s orthodontic health awareness
  • educate the community about the negative impact of sweets
  • support a charity that helps disadvantaged kids
  • market your practice to potential new patients


SCL is seeking orthodontic practices interested in sponsoring a Candy Exchange Event to give kids a healthy alternative to all the Halloween candy they collect this month.  Visit to download our 2010 Candy Exchange Event Guide which will equip your practice with all the tools you need to host a successful event. Please email if you have questions or need any assistance with uploading the guide.

This year, we are hosting 3 webinars to discuss the in’s and out’s of hosting a candy exchange and will include tips and tricks from 4 years of experience planning these events. The webinars will include a 45 minute presentation by SCL staff with 15 minutes for questions and answers.

“How to Host a Successful, Fun, and Stress-Free Smiles Change Lives Candy Exchange Event”

Webinar Dates/Times:

Wednesday, June 30th, Noon Central

Thursday, July 15th, 10 AM Central

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2 PM Central

Please RSVP to or call her at 816-421-4949 if you are interested in attending any of these webinars. A link with all webinar details will be emailed to you prior to the date. When you are ready to become an offical Candy Exchange site, just fax page 14 of the event guide to 816-421-3008 and we’ll send you a link to all resources, templates and samples.  Thank you for your interest in the Smiles Change Lives Candy Exchange and bracing kids for a better future!

Supporting the SCL Candy Exchange will help SCL reach more children who desperately need, but whose families cannot afford, braces. Now serving all 50 states, applicants are encouraged to visit to determine if their family meets the financial guidelines. Families interested in applying can review program guidelines and download an application at or by calling 888-900-3554.

Posted on June 1, 2010