Dentists, Orthodontists, and Cosmetic Dentists have been looking for a better branded, more convenient, and less expensive teeth whitening solution for their patients. Whiter Image has answered the demand with outstanding solutions for retail sales, referral gifts, in-office whitening, post-treatment whitening, and more that deliver results.

Atlanta, GA – Whiter Image, a leader in the multibillion dollar teeth whitening industry, has recently taken its uniquely branded smile enhancement products to the Dental and Orthodontic markets with incredible response. While these professionals are seeking the best teeth whitening products for their patients, the typical solutions available are difficult to use, very expensive, and lack branding and packaging appeal to the consumer. Whiter Image has experienced tremendous success with its product line in the beauty industry which has started to resonate with the dental and orthodontic communities. Whiter Image has developed extremely unique and creatively presented take home products and in office teeth whitening solutions that fill the void for the traditional solutions available. “These professionals are tired of the same teeth whitening products available through distributors and other companies that are often bland in terms of eye-appeal and are challenging to administer” says Keith Rodbell, Founding Partner.” Our products deliver style, branding, and curb appeal at an affordable price unlike any in the market without compromising the professional teeth whitening results expected from these dental professionals”. Whiter Image has positioned the products for profit but they can also be used as a marketing tool for return visits, recalls, and promotional items to drive new patients in the door. Dedicated account support is also a key feature from Whiter Image to help ensure accounts are successful. The company also just produced a promotional DVD for the locations to loop in the lobby that showcases the benefits and features.

Posted on July 19, 2010