Recent hands-on component draws students from the Great White North

12 February 2010 – Acworth, GA – Trapezio, formerly the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting (AOA), just completed the first of many hands-on training courses at its local headquarters in the greater Atlanta area.

The retreat hosted visitors from as far away as Montana and Ontario.  Utilizing the latest advances in orthodontic technology and its state-of-the-art training facility, Trapezio leaps into 2010 with the first of many scheduled hands-on retreats.  The Level I component is the first in a two-level series to help clinical assistants improve their working knowledge and experience as straightening care givers. 

The 2-day event covers topics such as fitting bands, bonding brackets, x-rays, impressions, intra-oral procedures, model trimming and much more.  As leading orthodontists look for ways to improve productivity and increase the hands-on knowledge of their clinical teams, Trapezio seminars are an affordable way to accomplish training without disrupting the daily routine of the rest of the practice. 

“The hands-on retreats are a great way to get invaluable insight and experience for clinical team members,” says Nicole Pavon, Trapezio’s lead Clinical Instructor. “It’s a great way for assistants to get additional training in a real clinical environment.   We have an instructor/student ratio of one to four and that allows for a higher quality training to take place.”

Trapezio is continuing its hands-on courses throughout 2010, the next available retreat will be held on March 26-27.  This event will host a guest speaker and instructor, Dr. Myron Guymon, who will be teaching an extended component on modern wire bending techniques.  The Level II retreat also covers topics such as TADs, lasers, bonding, ceph tracing, PVS and more. If you would like more information on this or any future hands-on retreat, please contact us at 877-976-4536.

Academy of Orthodontic Assisting

Academy of Orthodontic Assisting

Academy of Orthodontic Assisting - AOA

Academy or Orthodontic Assisting - Trapezio

About Trapezio

Founded in 1998, Trapezio offers convenient and affordable staff training for orthodontic team members worldwide. In addition to the online programs, which earn graduates a certificate of completion and the designation AOAC (Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Certified), Trapezio also provides hands-on training, supplemental lessons and other programs to help offices train high quality auxiliary personnel to complete their professional team.  Created by Dr. Doug Depew, Trapezio empowers orthodontists to provide the highest quality care to patients in an environment that benefits the patient, the staff, and the doctor. Trapezio and its AOA curriculum are endorsed by the American Association of Orthodontists for educating and training orthodontic assistants through a platform that covers a variety of topics including oral and dental anatomy, intra-oral procedures, appliances, models, infection control, x-rays, patient management, and much more.  For more information on Trapezio, please visit or call (877) 976-4536.