Level II program designed for the more experienced orthodontic assistant

April 19, 2010 – Acworth, GA – Trapezio (formerly the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting) has announced the release of its advanced clinical assisting curriculum.  Recognized for over 10 years as the leader in providing a comprehensive fundamentals program for assistants, Trapezio is set to launch the third tier of online education for the clinical roles of the practice.  The official launch date for the new addition will be May 5, 2010.

Widely known, The Academy of Orthodontic Assisting will have three primary components: OrthoCommon Knowledge, Level I – Fundamentals and Level II –Advanced.  The Level II –Advanced program completes the extensive eLearning library for clinical technicians and orthodontic assistants.

“We are extremely excited to offer a one-of-a-kind program for the orthodontic community,” said Dr. Douglas Depew, Academic Director of Trapezio.  “This is one of the most comprehensive programs available; we have included modern day topics with modern day delivery through our new Learning Management System.”

The new “Level II – Advanced” program, authored by a practicing orthodontist, also includes compilations and techniques from leading orthodontic consultants Lori Garland Parker and Andrea Cook. Combined, over 50 years of clinical experience is captured in the online education portal.  “This is really special for Trapezio. A lot of time, hard work and effort has resulted in something unseen in the orthodontic market,” says Chad Greer, President of Trapezio. “As we continue to grow our knowledge solutions, we can always look at the core clinical components as the foundation and we aren’t finished by a long shot.”

Trapezio plans to bring further additions to the Learning Management System in the coming weeks, completing the portal with treatment coordinator, financial, marketing, office management and safety programs.  Having administered over 45,000 exams, Trapezio is the clear leader in online orthodontic education. For more information please visit our website at www.trapezio.com.

About Trapezio – Founded in 1998, Trapezio offers convenient and affordable staff training for orthodontic team members worldwide. In addition to the online programs, which earn graduates a certificate of completion and the designation AOAC (Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Certified), Trapezio also provides hands-on training, supplemental lessons and other programs to help offices train high quality auxiliary personnel to complete their professional team.  Created by Dr. Doug Depew, Trapezio empowers orthodontists to provide the highest quality care to patients in an environment that benefits the patient, the staff, and the doctor. Trapezio and its AOA curriculum are endorsed by the American Association of Orthodontists for educating and training orthodontic assistants through a platform that covers a variety of topics.  For more information on Trapezio, please visit www.trapezio.com or call (877) 976-4536.

Chelsea Reese, AOAC