Dawn Hill Sets World Record for Elastomeric Ligature Placement

May 7, 2010 – Acworth, GA – Trapezio (formerly the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting) announces winners from the 3rd Annual Technique Competition. As part of the AAO Annual Session, Trapezio hosted hundreds of contestants from all across the U.S. and abroad attempting to best the time of their peers. Placing ties on the upper and lower 5 to 5 is no small task when surrounded by dozens of onlookers of your own profession. Overcoming the butterflies and nervous shakes takes precision and patience to accurately and quickly place these auxiliaries.

Dawn Hill - The World's Fastest Asssistant

This year’s contest proved to be a big hit once again. With hundreds of assistants giving it their best shot, the competition was hosted in the Trapezio booth surrounded by checkered flags. Each day proved to be a day of new records, with nerves settling over the four day event, times were slowly trimmed until a clear winner appeared.

Dawn Hill of Rigali and Walder Orthodontics (Massachusetts) was obviously the talent to beat. Each day she set a new record for others to try and match. To no avail, her record time could not be over taken. With a world record of one minute and twelve seconds, Dawn took home the Grand Prize: an Amazon Kindle.

Winners for the 3rd Annual Technique Competition
Grand Prize (World Record) – Dawn Hill, (Drs.Rigali and Walder) 1 minute 12 seconds
Second Place (tie) – Bree Snyder, (Lucas Orthodontics) 1 minute 17 seconds
Second Place (tie)– Eileen Harlin, (Drs. Isaacs, Nawy & Ferrell) 1 minute 17 seconds
Fourth Place – Dina Serrano (Star Orthodontics) 1 minute 26 seconds

“What a great four days of competition! The contestants were very competitive and really into the contest,” says Linda Reese, Executive Director of Trapezio. “Each year even more talent appears and I think we may soon see someone close in on the one minute mark. This competition is a great way to share and experience the hidden talents of orthodontic assistants.”

For more information regarding Trapezio or next year’s competition, visit www.trapezio.com.

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Chelsea Reese, AOAC