eLearning system tailored specifically for the orthodontic market

May 5, 2010 – Acworth, GA – Trapezio (formerly the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting) has officially launched its new version of the popular online learning system.  After months of design and development, the new framework is now available.  Built on a modern web-based infrastructure, the new release provides users access and permission to multi-course content, licensing and reporting.  The framework provides the foundation for curriculum expansion and observable administration.

“Trapezio has one goal, to provide the best education and online training tools to orthodontic practices around the world.  We want to continue filling the accessibility gap that remains in the industry,” says Chad Greer, President of Trapezio.  “Bringing education to a central portal provides ease of access for virtually every practice.”

The Learning Management System offers a simple and effective way to measure competency in the practice.  Teaming with the most influential and impactful experts in the industry, the Trapezio programs bring the best-of-breed concepts, fundamentals and practice management recommendations to a central location.  Traveling is no longer a necessity to gain access to the industry’s most advanced and proven methods of operational excellence.

Trapezio has raised the bar for orthodontic staff education.  The new interface is user-apparent and requires virtually no training to implement and roll out to the practice.  With over 40,000 examinations already administered, the new platform adds even more capacity for learning modules, web-based training and collaboration tools for small or large practices.  For more information regarding the Trapezio learning suite, visit www.trapezio.com.

About Trapezio – Founded in 1998, Trapezio offers convenient and affordable staff training for orthodontic team members worldwide. In addition to the online programs, which earn graduates a certificate of completion and the designation AOAC (Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Certified), Trapezio also provides hands-on training, supplemental lessons and other programs to help offices train high quality auxiliary personnel to complete their professional team.  Created by Dr. Doug Depew, Trapezio empowers orthodontists to provide the highest quality care to patients in an environment that benefits the patient, the staff, and the doctor. Trapezio and its AOA curriculum are endorsed by the American Association of Orthodontists for educating and training orthodontic assistants through a platform that covers a variety of topics.  For more information on Trapezio, please visit www.trapezio.com or call (877) 976-4536.

Chelsea Reese, AOAC