The Academy of Financial Coordinators is an online training course for individuals, doctors, office managers or those more directly involved in the financial management of the orthodontic practice. This course provides proven systems and methodologies for managing and conducting sound financial principles in the practice.

Authored by one of the leading financial consultants in the orthodontic industry, Paul Zuelke, this program provides a high level of detail for Risk Identification, Collection Issues, Delinquency Control, and general financial challenges. The online program is an affordable way to help educate and learn in-depth about proven systems and pitfalls in the orthodontic business environment.

We all agree, times have changed and the importance of financial discipline is more critical than ever. Running an orthodontic practice is just like any big business; knowing and deploying the basic strategies of credit management and risk identification is vital to the long-term health of the practice. Financial harmony is important for new, small, medium, and large practices. It’s the one common component that is ubiquitous to every practice. Although socio-economic environments are different, the basis for budgeting and responsible business practice remains the same. This program offers proven components that will clear up confusion about financial situations and how high-performing practices react in certain situations.



Program Objectives Course Outline About the Author


Program Objectives

    1. Understand the critical role of Financial Coordinator and its value in the orthodontic practice.
    2. Demonstrate a comprehension of risk identification including the ABC System.
    3. Develop a detailed patient history form that will assist in risk identification for your new patients.
    4. Develop an effective collections protocol designed to maximize return.
    5. Become familiar with basic insurance principles and how to incorporate these into your practice’s financial protocol.


Course Outline
The topics listed below are covered in the Academy of Financial Coordinators program.

1. Credit Management
– Philosophy
– Credit tripod
– Financial Coordinator

2. Risk Identification
– Maturity
– Stability
– ABC ratings

3. Credit Ratings and Bureaus
– Laws
– Reports
– Signing-up

4. Circumstance Management
– Young adults
– Divorce
– Step-parents
– Retirees

5. Delinquency Control
– Late fees
– Statements
– Credit cards
– Components
6. Telephone Collections
– Etiquette
– Process
– Effectiveness

7. Collection Letters
– Format
– Tone
– Delivery

8. Adjustments and Write-Offs
– Divorce
– Bankruptcy
– Adjustments
– Posting

9. Insurance Controls
– Acceptance
– Claims
– Flex plans
– Follow-up

10. Accounting Principles
– Posting
– Credit balances
– Statistics
– Tracking forms


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About the Author

Zuelke_Financial_Coordinator Zuelke and Associates has been providing comprehensive financial and consulting services to the healthcare industry since 1980. Teaching clients through consultations, workshops, lectures, seminars, books and DVDs, Zuelke and Associates has more than 1000 clients worldwide. Its mission is to empower its clients to build and maintain a practice that provides a high quality of life by using proven techniques of risk identification, credit management and accounts receivable control. Paul Zuelke is president and founder of Zuelke & Associates, Inc.

To learn more about Zuelke and Associates, Inc., visit the website at


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