The Academy of Insurance Coordinators is an online educational program for those individuals who fill the vital role of filing insurance claims in an orthodontic office. This course provides structured concepts and actual working models that are used in the modern orthodontic practice. The program is perfect for new and experienced Insurance Coordinators and an excellent tool for cross-training other key team members.

This comprehensive program was developed and written through cooperation with Trapezio Founder and Academic Director, Dr. Doug Depew, and Jill Allen of Jill Allen and Associates. Their combined years of experience and success bring to life a detailed and highly beneficial program that will overhaul your current insurance practices.



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Program Objectives

    1. Understand the pros and cons of different types of insurance coverage and how to work with companies providing them.
    2. Becoming familiar with defining CDT codes typically used in an orthodontic office and when use is appropriate.
    3. Know how to submit accurate insurance claims to maximize reimbursement and minimize clerical time.
    4. Understand how to effectively monitor insurance claims for timely payment and proper accounting in the patient’s insurance ledger.
    5. Demonstrate understanding of how to deal with the pesky nuances of orthodontic insurance, such as duplicate benefits and divorce cases.


Course Outline
The topics listed below are covered in the Academy of Insurance Coordinators program.

1. Orthodontic Insurance
– Accepting insurance
– Types of insurance providers
– Key insurance terms
– Calculating write-offs and payments

2. Orthodontic and Dental Benefits Codes
– Resources for benefit codes
– Overview of dental development
– Orthodontic codes
– Diagnostic codes

3. Insurance Billing
– Insurance protocol
– Verifying and coordinating benefits
– Completing insurance forms
– Insurance claims
– Mid-treatment billing
– Transfer patients


4. Tips for Success
– Submitting claims
– Payments
– Assignment
– Divorce and insurance benefits
– Changes to benefits
– Unique coding and benefit situations

5. ACA and Orthodontics
– What is the Affordable Care Act?
– Understanding the AAO’s involvement in the ACA
– Determining eligibility for coverage
– Form and index requirements
– Where to locate additional and state-specific information

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Melissa – Financial Coordinator
“I feel more confident when filing claims or discussing benefits with a patient, especially with dual coverage. Learning about why some secondary carriers may not pay the full benefit if a primary carrier has already paid benefit to the patient (the non-duplication of benefits clause) and how to discuss that with the subscriber was very helpful…. The reassurance that we are following correct guidelines, and providing the best service for our patients when filing insurance was so valuable. Hearing the do’s and don’ts of filing was also helpful, and even though we do not accept assignment in our office, learning about the different types of insurance providers and what other offices offer was very interesting. I feel that I can better educate our patients about the type of coverage they might have and how we can file to get the best outcome for them.

If another office was considering using Trapezio for team training, I would definitely encourage them to do so. Occasionally, you get in a routine and don’t realize that you may not be doing everything you can to ensure claims are filed and processed as quickly as possible. As things change or evolve, we need to make sure that we can get the fastest turn around on insurance benefits, limiting delay of payment, or claim error when filing.“


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About the Author

JillAllen_shadow Jill Allen began her career in orthodontics more than 2 decades ago and her passion for the orthodontic field has grown ever since. She has had the opportunity to work with many successful doctors over the years; which has afforded her the unique opportunity to learn every aspect in an orthodontic practice. By utilizing the skills and proven management techniques she has acquired over the years, she is able to offer her clients a practical approach to practice management.

Jill Allen & Associates specialize in new practices and offer a complete line of consulting services specifically designed to help these orthodontic practices increase their growth, streamline processes, increase their case acceptance and optimize every aspect of their practice. Jill Allen & Associates provides targeted orthodontic practice management training for orthodontists and team members who have been in the orthodontic field five years or less.

To learn more about Jill Allen & Associates, visit her website at

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Release Date: May 1, 2013 | Review Date: February 1, 2016 | Expiration Date: February 1, 2019