The Academy of OrthoCommon™ Knowledge is an online educational course for non-clinical team members whom would benefit from an understanding of the fundamentals of orthodontics. This six-lesson course is a condensed version of Trapezio’s foundation program, Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 1, and is designed for quick completion while maintaining Trapezio’s goal of providing maximum information retention.

This program was specifically designed for those orthodontic professionals who need to be able to confidently and competently “speak” orthodontics. OrthoCommon™ Knowledge is perfect for:
– Front Desk/Receptionists
– Office Managers
– Financial Coordinators
– Marketing Coordinators
– Industry Sales/Service Teams

High-performing businesses invest in their people, always pushing the envelope of knowledge and education. Our OrthoCommon™ Knowledge program provides the universal fundamentals needed to get your employees off to a great start. You have enough to worry about, leave the orthodontic education to us.



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Program Objectives

    1. Demonstrate a thorough comprehension of basic oral and dental anatomy.
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of common orthodontic treatment procedures so that you may effectively communicate with patients and parents.
    3. Understand how to effectively communicate with orthodontic team members utilizing clinical terminology.
    4. Be able to confidently identify the various parts of the orthodontic appliance.
    5. Understand the various stages of orthodontic treatment, beginning with records and continuing through retention.


Course Outline
OrthoCommon ™ Knowledge is a condensed version of the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 1 program and covers the following topics:

1. What is Orthodontics?
– Introduction to orthodontics
– Dentistry and dental specialties
– Types of treatment
– Stages of treatment
– Introduction to orthodontic instruments
– How teeth move

2. Oral and Dental Anatomy
– Jaw anatomy
– Oral soft tissues
– Tooth anatomy
– Tooth types
– Tooth numbering systems
– Tooth surfaces and directions
– Introduction to malocclusions

3. Orthodontic Parts and Appliances
– The orthodontic appliance
– Intra-oral auxiliaries
– Non-traditional appliances
– Archwires
– Headgear and elastics
4. Secondary Appliances
– Fixed vs. removable
– Active vs. passive
– Examples of common appliances

5. The Orthodontic Process
– Separators
– Orthodontic bands
– Bonding of orthodontic appliances
– Removal and retention
– Patient management
– Parent communication

6. Impressions, Diagnostic Records, and Models
– Alginate impressions
– Bite registration
– Orthodontic x-rays and techniques
– Photographic techniques
– Digital records
– Types of models
– Creating models
– Alternatives to models


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Dr. Aisha Bataringaya-Sekalala
“The immediate benefit of ortho common knowledge is that the non-clinical staff (practice manager, records technician, finance and admin managers) became familiar with orthodontic terms and procedures. This has helped immensely in patient communication. For example, the finance manager is able to further explain to the patient the use and benefits of their recommended appliance whilst generating their treatment estimate. This has made a big impression on patients and the feedback is really positive!”


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Release Date: June 1, 2010 | Review Date: January 15, 2016 | Expiration Date: January 15, 2019