The Academy of Treatment Coordinators is an online educational program for those with a desire to understand the fundamentals of the orthodontic consult and new patient process. This comprehensive program was developed and written by Sandra Issiac, a highly successful Treatment Coordinator with over 15 years of experience in a busy orthodontic practice. Using her day-to-day experiences, Sandra has created an engaging and informative 10-course program covering the new patient process from start to finish. Beginning with the initial phone call, detailing the importance of the office tour, emphasizing the role that other team members play, and ending with “closing” the deal, the Academy of Treatment Coordinators brings real-world and current information directly to you. Her enthusiasm and passion for orthodontics lends itself to an easy to follow and proven method for improving production metrics.

The program is perfect for new and experienced TCs and an excellent tool for cross-training other key team members.



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Program Objectives

    1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the new patient process.
    2. Understand effective methods for overcoming patient objections to starting orthodontic treatment in your practice.
    3. Develop a successful recall program that promotes high rates of patient conversion.
    4. Demonstrate comprehension of the new patient exam, understanding the Treatment Coordinator and Doctor’s vital roles.
    5. Understand how the entire team plays critical roles in new patients starts.


Course Outline
The topics listed below are covered in the Academy of Treatment Coordinators program:

1. What is a Treatment Coordinator?
– Overview of the TC position
– Qualifications
– Introduction to the New Patient Process

2. Scheduling the Exam: The Importance of the Initial Phone Call
– Importance of phone training
– Important things to remember
– Vital information to collect

3. Confirming the Appointment
– Why mail a welcome packet?
– What is a welcome packet?
– Confirming the appointment

4. “Welcome to Our Office”
– New patient’s arrival
– Value of first impressions
– Office tour

5. The New Patient Exam – Part #1
– Promoting the doctor and practice
– Introducing the doctor
– Digital records
6. The New Patient Exam – Part #2
– The doctor’s role
– Oral examination
– Treatment recommendations

7. The New Patient Exam – Part #3
– Asking for the commitment
– Fee schedule and presentation
– Steps to beginning treatment

8. Overcoming Objections: Converting New Patients to Production
– Common patient objections
– Answers to common objections
– Objections vs. conditions

9. Converting Pending Patients to Production
– What are pending patients?
– The importance of a “Plan B”
– Key steps in a follow-up protocol

10. Establishing an Effective Recall Program
– Recall vs. observation
– What goes into recall?
– Recall program ideas and suggestions


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DRROTH_TC testimonial Dr. Michael Roth, Orthodontist
“I was at first reluctant to sign up for an “online” course because of the lack of interactivity. However the course that I took right along with my Treatment Coordinator on TC’s was thorough, comprehensive, and most thoughtful. The lessons were excellent and Dana and I both learned a great deal. It was very easy to implement the changes in our practice that will certainly help us grow to the next level. Thank you Trapezio.”


Jill, Office Manager
“I must tell you that the course has been very helpful. It has some great ideas we can build off of. We have been considering creating a TC position and this is helping us get a great start.”


Treatment Coordinator
“I completed my Trapezio training and am pleased with the outcome. The course was rather enlightening and very easy to comprehend. Your explanations of situations and solutions were very accurate and on point. All information included was very helpful. I enjoyed the course.”


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About the Author

Sandra Issiac earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University. After college, she worked in corporate sales positions for 15 years. Prior to entering the orthodontic field, she was as a regional trainer and manager for Estée Lauder. She served as the New Patient Coordinator at Depew Orthodontics for more than 15 years and was instrumental in helping the practice more than quadruple in size during that time. As a speaker at several AAO meetings, she brings unmatched enthusiasm for orthodontics to help improve the new patient process.

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