Academy Programs are available to anyone with internet access. These step-by-step programs provide an easily accessible method of learning, even with little computer experience.

The lessons and tests are easy to navigate and provide a comprehensive education for users. The system also provides a cost effective continuing education format for new assistants, veteran assistants, non-clinical / administrative staff members, and others in the orthodontic industry. Participants will experience personal achievement and professional growth as they become more familiar with their role in the orthodontic practice.

The flexible system can be easily implemented into your practice in whatever way best fits the needs of the doctor and team. Each team member utilizing an Academy program will have his/her own username and password. Because all of Trapezio training is 100% web-based, there’s no need to download software and therefore programs may be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Many of the courses include available pdf or other document downloads to assist in the learning experience. These downloads include study guides, notes, and worksheets and many lessons also include links to relevant online resources.

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Each practice will be set-up with at least one administrator (the system can support multiple administrators if needed). Administrative access is generally assigned to the doctor, office manager, or clinical coordinator and will make utilizing the online material and monitoring team progress a breeze. Administrators are able to create accounts for team members, assign course access, monitor team member progress by viewing test scores, view overall and final averages, and print certificates of completion for each team member. Administrator accounts also include all of the functions of regular user accounts. User access, which is generally assigned to team members, allows access to programs and tests assigned by the admininstrator. Team members may also print their own certificates upon course completion.

In addition to the online material, Trapezio offers a few in-office clinical training resources. These resources are not necessary for successful course completion, however many offices find them very helpful when used alongside the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 1 program, especially when training new hires.