Membership FAQs

Who is eligible for Trapezio Memberships?

Because of our relationships with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists (NZAO), Memberships are available only to those doctors who are members of one or both of these organizations.  Trapezio reserves the right to verify a doctor’s membership status before processing an order.

Will my Membership automatically renew?  

Yes – Memberships will be scheduled to automatically renew at the same rate you paid in year #1 until you cancel.  Memberships may be cancelled at any time prior to your renewal by emailing Trapezio at  We require that all Membership cancellation requests be submitted in writing by the doctor or program administrator.  You will receive a confirmation email from our Customer Service department when the request has been processed.

Do I receive new licenses every year?

Yes – When your Membership is renewed you will receive new licenses to be used by your team.  If your practice has a Gold Membership, for example, you will receive 8 new licenses to each of the 4 programs included in the Membership (32 licenses total).

If I purchase a Bronze Membership, do the same 4 team members have to use the licenses to each of the programs. 

No – Think of the licenses as if they were all purchased individually.  The Bronze Membership includes 16 total licenses to be used by your team: 4 to the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 1, 4 to Level 2, 4 to OrthoCommon Knowledge and 4 to OSHA Safety.  In most practices the same team members will utilize the Orthodontic Assisting and OSHA licenses while the front desk or other administrative team members will use the OrthoCommon Knowledge program.  However, some offices may put newer clinical assistants through Level 1 and senior assistants through Level 2.  How you utilize the licenses is completely up to your practice.

What if my practice doesn’t need one of the programs?  Can I swap out the license for some from another Academy program?  

No – Because of the significant savings built into the Membership option we cannot allow our clients to swap out licenses.  If you need additional licenses to one or more of the courses we will work with you to make it as affordable as possible.

How does the discount work?

All Trapezio Member practices receive a discount on additional course licenses.  This discount can be applied to any of the Academy programs that are available.  The discount will be available to you from your initial Membership purchase through your Membership cancellation.  Bronze Members receive a 10% discount, Silver receives 15%, Gold receive 20% and Platinum receives 30%.

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