Academy of Office Managers

Pricing is per person.

The Academy of Office Managers is an in-depth, video-driven, online educational program for anyone who wants to understand the ins-and-outs of running—and growing—a successful orthodontic practice! Authored by leading ortho practice consultant Tracy Martin, along with her team at Straight Consulting, this first-of-its kind course was carefully designed to give OMs a comprehensive blueprint for leading today’s modern ortho practices. Starting with an intro to ortho and an outline of the patient journey, the course then lays the foundation of the different roles in a practice, before covering the hiring, onboarding, and building of office culture. Tracy then unpacks how to create your unique, memorable new patient experience that gets Millennial and Gen Z patients talking. From there, the program covers scheduling and appointment management, office management technology, and how to increase office efficiency. The curriculum also includes financial management (including setting and monitoring key performance indicators), regulatory compliance (from HIPAA and OSHA to cyber-security), and even how to “say goodbye” when it’s needed. And, most importantly, how to market and grow your practice! Whether you’re a seasoned OM, brand new to management, or a start-up doctor in need of a roadmap… this course is for you. If you’re ready to reclaim your sanity, set your team up for success, and increase your practice’s profitability, register now for the OM Academy!

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