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Scott Hansen – Black Bison Group

Crisis Management

38 minutes – .5 credits

In this webinar, Scott Hansen masterfully explains methods for controlling cash flow, team management, patient contact, and perception by prospective patients to keep your practice viable during this trying time.

Doctors, Office Managers

Scott Hansen

Andrea Cook – Andrea Cook Consulting

OSHA and CDC Guidelines Update

March 26, 2020
107 minutes – 1 credit

In light of the current situation we find ourselves in, there is no better time to brush up on our infection control protocols. In this well-put-together presentation, Andrea reviews the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic in our personal and professional lives and how we can protect ourselves and our patients against it and all other infectious agents in our practices.  This one is a “must-see”.

Clinical Team

DeeDee Baxter – Marketing Ideas that Work by Trapezio

Ideas For Marketing During This Challenging Time

March 25, 2020
30 minutes – .5 credits
In this webinar, DeeDee explains why it is so important to continue to build awareness and relationships with our community at this time.  She shares ideas and tips that you can use from home.
Marketing Coordinators/Office Managers/Doctors

Tracy Martin – Straight Consulting

Virtual Exams Made Easy – The Vaccine Your Practice Needs

March 24, 2020
54 minutes – 1 credit
There is no better time than the present to begin doing virtual exams. Tracy share some hints and tricks to make this standard fare for your practice and to help it thrive in this ever changing economy.
Treatment Coordinators/Office Managers/Doctors/Clinical Assistants/Marketing Coordinators


Dr. Doug Depew

How to Keep Your Team Involved During this Difficult Time

March 23, 2020
30 minutes – .5 credits
During this time of crisis, it’s important to keep our team involved with our practice, patients, and community. In this presentation, Dr. Depew shares some ideas and tips to help keep your team motivated and productive.
Doctors/Office Managers

Dr. Doug Depew D.M.D M.S.