Academy of OrthoCommon™ Knowledge

The Academy of OrthoCommon™ Knowledge is designed to provide an overview of orthodontics. This program is perfect for non-clinical team members that need basic education and knowledge of the fundamentals. This six-lesson course is a condensed version of Trapezio’s foundation program, Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 1, and is designed for quick completion while maintaining Trapezio’s goal of providing maximum information retention.

This program was specifically designed for those orthodontic professionals who need to be able to confidently and competently “speak” orthodontics. OrthoCommon™ Knowledge is perfect for:

  • Front Desk/Receptionists
  • Office Managers
  • Financial Coordinators
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Industry Sales/Service Team
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Course Reviews

Dr. Aisha Bataringaya-Sekalala

“The immediate benefit of ortho common knowledge is that the non-clinical staff (practice manager, records technician, finance and admin managers) became familiar with orthodontic terms and procedures. This has helped immensely in patient communication. For example, the finance manager is able to further explain to the patient the use and benefits of their recommended appliance whilst generating their treatment estimate. This has made a big impression on patients and the feedback is really positive!”



Release Date: June 1, 2010 | Review Date: August 9, 2023 | Expiration Date: January 8, 2026