Academy of SOA Prep Course

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) offers the AAO Voluntary Certification Program (VCP) for orthodontic assistants. Fueled by demand, the certification program stands to recognize those in the profession for their knowledge and experience. Assistants who meet the minimum requirements and pass an online examination will be recognized with credentials as a Specialized Orthodontic Assistant (SOA).

Preparing for the exam is an important part of the process. Trapezio offers the SOA Prep Course as an easy, comprehensive, and affordable method for experienced orthodontic assistants to prepare for the exam. The SOA Prep Course provides users with access to the 14 lessons that make-up the Academy of Orthodontic Assisting Level 1 program, allowing them the opportunity to review the most relevant material for exam preparation. The SOA Prep Course does not include testing.

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