Academy of Treatment Coordinators

The Academy of Treatment Coordinators is an online educational program for those with a desire to understand the fundamentals of the orthodontic consult and new patient process in orthodontics today. Authored by leading practice consultant, Tracy Martin, this program was designed to give TC’s proven strategies and techniques that are being used by the leading offices all over the world. With Tracy’s passion and understanding of the importance of the TC role, this program will help instill the mindset, methodologies and skillset to help you become an elite TC. As the orthodontic industry is rapidly changing, the ideas and techniques that worked even five years ago, simply don’t work today. This program will help provide you with the tools to help your practice evolve as the industry does.

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Course Reviews

Dr. Michael Roth, Orthodontist

“I was at first reluctant to sign up for an “online” course because of the lack of interactivity. However, the course that I took right along with my Treatment Coordinator on TC’s was thorough, comprehensive, and most thoughtful. The lessons were excellent and Dana and I both learned a great deal. It was very easy to implement the changes in our practice that will certainly help us grow to the next level. Thank you Trapezio.”

As a brand new TC, with an Admin background, I found this course SUPER helpful.  It prepared me for what the job entails, especially the sales aspect.  It also reassured me that just because I don’t have a clinical background doesn’t mean I can’t be as effective as our other TC. 


Release Date: March 23, 2020 | Review Date: May 12,2021 | Expiration Date: May 12, 2024