Academy of Front Desk Coordinators – Course Outline

Academy of Front Desk Coordinators – Course Outline

The topics listed below are covered in the Academy of Front Desk Coordinators program.

Lesson #1: The Experience

  • Developing a team that creates a memorable journey for your customers
  • Discover what it takes to keep them coming back
  • First interactions on the phone until the final “until we meet again”
  • A life cycle
  • Moments of truth

Lesson #2: Guide to Leveraging Personalities

  • Communication concepts
  • Deference and Guidance
  • The front office- Your leaders
  • Knowing different personalities and how to deal with them
  • Leveraging personalities

Lesson #3: Phone Etiquette

  • Front desk presence on the phone and in person
  • Instructions, scenarios, and the road map for creating an exceptional journey
  • Opening the Conversation
  • Closing the Conversation
  • How to Hold
  • Immediate versus Ultimate Goal
  • Best Practices for Scheduling

Lesson #4: New Patients and More

  • New Patient Intake
  • Inform/Appoint and the “Solo”
  • Closure
  • No-Show Rates

Lesson #5: Upset Callers and Other Challenges

  • The ALERT method
  • Handling the Nonhappy
  • Delivery on the phone vs. in person
  • Complex Questions

Lesson #6: Connection Calls and Other Outbound Calls

  • Connection calls vs. confirmation calls
  • Sample calls
  • Best practices for outbound calls

Lesson #7: Continue to Lead

  • Maintenance mode
  • Challenges
  • Peak performance